Ingruccia Geek Box


Ingruccia Geek Box is a service that we provide to our costumers with surprise merchandising. 

Every Box has a different theme, but in special occasions, we let our costumer choose the theme of their box. 


What is Ingruccia Geek Box ? 

Ingruccia Geek Box is a Box with (max) 6 products. 

It can have: 1 T-shirt, 4 merchandising products, like: keychains, mugs, pens, notebooks...... and 1 Funko Pop by: Pop-Addiction

Is the perfect gift to give and to received. You just have to select the theme you like and voilá ! 

How many theme boxes do you have? 

We change every month the theme of the box, but we can give some exemples: 

- Disney;
- Star Wars;
- Star Trek;
- Marvel; 
- DC Comics; 
- Harry Potter; 
- Fantastic Beasts; 
- ....... 

If you have any suggestion of a theme of a box, send us a email to: [email protected]

How long does is take to ship my order?

We have our Boxes avaiable 2 in 2 months. You have the all month to decide if you like to buy our box and make the payment. We have one month to read all the orders and make the expirience incredible for you ! 

After we see your order, we going to analyse. After that, we are going to prepare every box with our special love and care. When everything is ready, Ingruccia will send you and email with your order and tracking number and we will be very excited to hear from you when you received your box.