If you are thinking about making a PRE-ORDER, we must say that is an amazing ideia ! 

You save money and you will get it first, but be aware of some important points: 

- To make sure that you are going to get the PRE-ORDER, you need to make the payment. By doing the payment of the pre-order, we are going to recive your order and the order of other costumers and we are going to make sure to buy exactly our costumer wants;
- After you do the PRE-ORDER, you have 3 days to change the order; 
- You CAN'T cancel a PRE-ORDER after we confirm your order; 
- Always pay attention to the time (month) that the product will arrive * 



* the time can change any day ! It can delay or arrive earlier ! 


If you have any more question, please, contact us: [email protected]