Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Communicator Lip Gloss Set

Makeup Sailor Moon

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The lip glosses are 96% moisturizer, making them as great for skin care as they are for makeup.

Using a combination of Jojoba oil and squalane for moisturizers, they give a glossy and luxurious look and feel. They look cute while still using high-quality materials that appeal to adults, so use the Miracle Romance Communicator Lip Gloss for your own makeup transformation and punish those chapped, dull, or dry lips!

The Sailor Moon lip gloss is light pink, making it great for everyday use.
The Sailor Mercury lip gloss is sparkly blue and has a glittery look that will brighten up dull lips.
The Sailor Mars lip gloss is solid red and is great for mature looks or for wearing on special days.
The Sailor Jupiter lip gloss is sparkly green and has a glittery look to it that is great for layering on top of other colors for a nuanced color.
The Sailor Venus lip gloss is solid orange with a great complexion and has a light, moist look. The five different colors are a great combination for a variety of looks, moods, and makeup styles.


- 1x Sailor Moon (Clear Pink Color)
- 1x Sailor Mars (Clear Red)
- 1x Sailor Venus (Clear Orange)
- 1x Sailor Jupiter (Clear Glitter Color)
- 1x Sailor Merkur (Blue Glitter Color)