We Ship Worldwide 

our shipments are by registered post - CTT Portugal



  • º You will be charged at the time the order is placed;
  • º When your order ships, we will email you a shipping confirmation and tracking number;
  • º No delivery on Saturdays and Sundays; 
  • º Once your order has been placed, if you need to change or modify it, please email us as soon as you can. If your order has already been processed and packed, we will not be able to meet your reques; 
  • º It is solely the buyer’s responsibility to supply a correct address. Even slight errors such as an incorrect zip code or apartment number may delay or prevent your item from being delivered. Please contact us immediately if an incorrect address was given and we will do our best to correct the matter. If your order has already been shipped, we are not liable or responsible for any issues that may arise such as misplacement, theft or delay;
  • º If your order return to our facility, for any reason, the costumer will have to pay, again, the shipping cost. If no loger interested in the order, we will not refund.



USA & European Union & Rest of the World

 FREE SHIPPING -  orders over 150€

 Normal Shipping with Tracking Number - 1 grm to 500 grm - 10,00€ 

 Normal Shipping with Tracking Number - 501 grm to 1Kg - 18,00€

 Normal Shipping with Tracking Number - 1Kg to 2 Kg - 26,00€ 

 Normal Shipping with Tracking Number - + 2 Kg - 35,00€ 



 FREE SHIPPING -  orders over 45€

 Normal Shipping with Tracking Number - 1 grm to 500 grm - 3,50€

 Normal Shipping with Tracking Number - 501 grm to 2 Kg - 6,00€ 


Follow you order
HERE & if you need any help, please contact us: [email protected]




Please be aware that it will take longer during holidays


Expedited Shipping Speed & Arrival Times - Normal Shipping with Tracking Number

Portugal - 1 - 3 days (after shipping)

European Union - 2 - 7 days (after shipping)

USA & Rest of the World - 3 - 8 days (after shipping) 


Expedited Shipping Speed & Arrival Times - Express Shipping with Tracking Number

 Portugal - Next day - Continent / Madeira - Açores - 1 day

 European Union - 3 days

 USA & Rest of the World - 5 days




Special Case


Because its a different product, hand selected, it can take more time to ship your order, but affet shipped, the shipping time and delivery is the same
More info about our magic Geek Box: http://www.ingruccia.com/ingruccia-boxes-information



Ingruccia is not responsible for loss or damage caused to your order, if it is not delivered within the specified time frame.

If the submission is made by registered mail by hand or CTT Expresso, all receptions of orders shall be signed as proof thereof. Upon receipt, the customer has responsibility for commissioning, even if it is welcomed by another person at the address.

If anyone recive the order at the address, the delivery service will leave a notice and your order returns to the Postal Services. Should proceed to take the same within the stipulated time. If not, your order will be returned to Ingruccia and then we will get in touch.